Benefits of Flat Roofing for Commercial Facilities

Flat roofing is becoming more and more popular for commercial facilities. Not only do they look sleek from a distance, but they offer many practical benefits to the owner or tenant in the facility. While they do come with unique challenges, a flat roof system is typically what we recommend to clients who are looking to switch to a new facility or if they are replacing an entire roof (such as after a hurricane or other major roofing damage). 


If you’re thinking of switching to a building with a flat roof, here are some things to consider: 



Because flat roofing is not visible from the road, it does not have to be as visually appealing as a sloped roof. This opens the doors to using plain and cost-effective roofing material such as concrete for your roofing. Flat roofing also has less space to cover, which typically makes it most cost-efficient to install than sloped roofing. 


Minimal repair risks

MaintenX technicians always prefer calls with flat roofs because of how simple and safe they are. Sloped roofing is more tricky to repair because of the safety risks to the technicians. On a flat roof, there is virtually no risk of slip and fall accidents. Your roofing specialist can walk on your roof to repair it just as they would on the ground, which makes it a much faster and safer repair.


Rooftop HVAC systems 

Another benefit to a flat roofing system is the option of adding rooftop HVAC units instead of maintaining ground units. A rooftop HVAC system will require less maintenance than one that is constantly exposed to dirt and debris on the ground. This also reduces noise at the ground level and can hide otherwise plain or clunky-looking ground units. 



Because flat roofing is typically made with concrete or strong roof panels, it is considered incredibly durable. Water, wind, and debris cannot easily slide off so flat roofing materials are made to withstand great pressure. You can expect fewer repairs from flat roofing for this reason. 



Flat roofing can be more energy-efficient than sloped roofing in some circumstances. The design helps to reduce the workload on your HVAC system, and makes the installation of energy-efficient upgrades such as solar panels much easier. If you are looking to make your facility greener in the future, flat roofing is the way to go. 


MaintenX offers flat roof installations, waterproofing, and preventative maintenance for commercial facilities. To learn more about our comprehensive roofing services or to choose the right roofing for you, contact our offices today!

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