Better Building Initiative Saves Partners $1.9 Billion

A new initiative is sweeping the nation, succeeding in its goal of saving businesses money by helping them save energy. This bodes well for business owners and facility managers that are looking to make their facilities more sustainable.

The Better Buildings Challenge, issued by the United States Department of Energy (DOE), aims to make commercial and industrial facilities use less power by increasing their energy efficiency. More than 345 organizations and companies of all sizes have jumped on board. Combined, they represent more than 4.4 billion square feet of building space. By instituting more environmentally-friendly practices in these facilities, major progress can be made for the country overall.

It works by offering tools including implementation models, a financing navigator, webinars, and others to share good ideas and make sustainable choices easy. The results certainly show. Since the initiative’s launch, an estimated $1.9 billion has been saved in energy costs and usage. Some companies have even exceeded their goals of efficiency, including large corporations like General Motors and Macy’s.

Your business can join this initiative and accomplish what so many have already. By implementing the available solutions in your own facilities, you can cut down on energy costs, save your business money, and help save the environment as well.

We at MaintenX support the Better Building Challenge and want to help you and your business engage with it however we can. To learn about how we can help assess the energy usage in your facility, pinpoint areas of improvement, and help implement new equipment and processes, please feel free to contact us at any time.