How Big Data Can Help Facilities Management

The saying “knowledge is power” certainly holds true in many fields of business. Pursuant to that, collecting and managing data can be a major boon for facility management. Big data is the term often used for the collection, analysis, and storage of vast quantities of information; it’s important to most business processes. In facilities management, however, it is essential, as more and more companies are finding out.

Most facility managers and their teams currently collect information about how their facility runs and how that relates to business processes. The amount of information at their disposal varies, however, as differently implemented systems allow for different levels of data collection. The difference can mean a lot; efficiency can only be maximized if everything worth knowing is obtained and stored.

Data is only useful if it can be analyzed and used for meaningful action. Once a facility manager knows how their facility runs, changes can be made to allow business processes to run more efficiently. This is where specifics come in; for example, power usage should be measured down to the outlet and water usage to every outflow. Only then can waste be eliminated and overspending identified.

You need the proper tools to collect the right data. There are many types of software, facility systems, and even consulting companies that collect and analyze all the information necessary to maximizing efficiency in a facility.

MaintenX is one such company. To learn more about how we can assist you in getting the most from your business facility, please contact us at any time.