Can Your Business Become A Net-Zero Energy Facility?

The future is electric, and it’s coming faster than any of us expected. You see it on the streets with the rise of electric vehicles, and soon most buildings will also reach zero emissions with wind, geothermal, and other renewable energy sources as their primary source of power. But, is this truly a possibility for your facility? The research says yes, and it just might be easier than you think. 


Benefits of Achieving Net-Zero Energy at Your Facility


  • Investing in energy-efficient solutions is affordable now, but as climate issues become more severe, they will become more expensive. Essentially, now is the cheapest and easiest time to get ahead of the curve and invest in achieving net-zero efficiency. 


  • There are substantial financial and government incentives to achieve net-zero energy including tax breaks, rebates, and programs to help you implement energy-efficient solutions now.


  • Becoming a net-zero business opens up PR opportunities as a leader in climate action and inspires both customers and employees to believe in your business. 


Building a net-zero facility is possible and will reap benefits in both the short and long term. Below are four different ways you can get closer to the goal of a net-zero energy facility:


Develop low-carbon products or services

Reducing the energy used in manufacturing and selling your products and services is the easiest way for you and consumers to benefit from green initiatives. Even something as simple as changing your packaging to reduce energy consumption can greatly benefit your business. 


Purchasing carbon offsets

In some areas of the country, it can be difficult to gain access to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy. If this is the case for your facility, you can instead purchase carbon offsets. These programs allow you to invest in clean energy projects across the country instead of directly purchasing power from these entities. Buildings as large as the Empire State Building are using this approach to make massive impacts on carbon emissions in the U.S., while also gaining significant PR opportunities. 


Invest in electric vehicles

Does your business use personal vehicles for operations or employee transportation? If so, it may be worth investing in an electric vehicle for commercial use. These vehicles will increase operational efficiency and can directly impact your carbon offsets. 


Investing in smart equipment for your facility.

Commercial building energy use is the single greatest contributor of carbon emissions in the U.S. Much of this energy usage comes from traditional HVAC, lighting, and electrical systems that require a great amount of power in order to operate. As the facility owner or manager, you can make an incredible contribution to achieving net-zero energy usage simply by switching to energy-efficient options. Energy-efficient HVAC and lighting systems can dramatically decrease your energy usage, which can also decrease your power bills and make more room in the budget for investing in other low-carbon solutions for your business.


If you’re interested in making the switch to energy efficiency at your facility. Contact MaintenX today! We are your trusted experts in energy-efficient HVAC, lighting, roofing, plumbing, and electrical systems.  

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