Back To Basics: What You Really Need To Make A Facility Maintenance Plan Work

At MaintenX, we regularly emphasize the importance of a preventative maintenance plan. As the facility manager, developing a preventative care program is the most important thing you can do for the long-term health and productivity of your building. While there are plenty of tools, technologies, and strategies you can use to achieve high performance in the maintenance department, there are only five things you really need to make your program work. 


Proper training  

Training with your maintenance team is the best way to improve efficiency and ensure that work gets done right the first time. While every maintenance worker we hire at MaintenX has had ample education and work experience, we invest in additional training to ensure that the quality of service is equal across the board, no matter what subcontractor comes to your door. It is through this investment in training that we are able to perform exceptionally from curb to roof and coast to coast. 


Qualified staff

In addition to training, MaintenX carefully selects top qualified electricians, plumbers, roofers, and HVAC repairmen. The caliber of your maintenance team is the single most important contributor to facility maintenance improvement across time. However, it’s not just about technical ability. A maintenance team that is invested in their work and diligent in the task at hand are the teams that can make real change at your facility. 


Communication between management and maintenance

MaintenX has invested in a state-of-the-art work-order management system in order to organize and facilitate communication between maintenance crews and our clients. This work-order management system along with our high-level customer service ensures that communication flows seamlessly and problems are addressed before they become emergencies. 


A consistent schedule

Preventative maintenance is synonymous with consistent maintenance. If your preventative care program lacks routine and accountability, then it is not effective in producing cost-saving measures or in reducing emergency maintenance necessities. Create a preventative maintenance schedule based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and then stick to it. Your building will thank you for it!


Budget that meets needs not numbers

It’s easy for management to cut the maintenance budget over more glamorous projects. However, without building maintenance, your business has no place to execute your more fun and profitable initiatives. Be sure to allocate funds to your maintenance program based on needs expressed by your technicians, not just by the numbers that will look best to the corporate level. 


If you want to learn more about what makes MaintenX preventative programs more effective and more sustainable than other maintenance programs, contact us today!

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