Choosing the Right Flowers For Your Facility’s Entrance

Colorful flowers are a staple at the entrance of businesses and homes for a reason. Fresh flowers can boost your mood, offer an enticing aroma, and can attract wildlife like birds and butterflies. Their colors can also make an otherwise drab building look friendly and inviting. However, choosing the right flowers for a commercial building is not always simple. 


You want flowers that are bright, colorful, easy to maintain, and will attract the right kind of wildlife (while fending off the rest). MaintenX takes special care to recommend the right flowers for our clients that will lessen their landscaping burden while enhancing an outdoor showroom or entrance. Below are our top recommendations for commercial landscaping: 


Star jasmine

Star jasmine is a highly fragrant and easily maintained vine that you can grow at the entrance of your facility. The scent is intoxicating, and this plant is relatively heat-resistant. Your primary maintenance concern will be trimming it back so it doesn’t overrun your other plants or outdoor hardscape. However, with regular landscaping visits, star jasmine can be a great addition to your facility. 



Hibiscus flowers are colorful, aromatic, and easy to grow in all types of climates. They are especially popular in Florida because of their ability to survive the summer heat. Hibiscus can also cover plenty of ground as they grow on shrubs.



Similar to hibiscus, azaleas make great ground cover plants as they grow in large bushes and have beautiful pink and white flowers in the spring. Azaleas are common in the southeast in residential areas, but they can easily be added to commercial facilities as well. Take advantage of these low-maintenance shrubs at the entrance or near parking lots for full effect. 



Pentas are beautiful flowering shrubs that form clusters of blooms in the spring. They come in a variety of colors and are relatively low maintenance, especially in warmer climates. They are found in both residential and commercial areas and will add a pop of color to any front entrance. 


MaintenX wants to help you make the most of your summer landscaping. To learn more about our maintenance services and commercial landscaping tips, contact us or read more from the Resource Center

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