Summer Sunshine Can Destroy Your Parking Lot

The summer months are often the busiest for retail, restaurant, and even some healthcare facilities. With more customers out and about, you’re more likely to see walk-in traffic while the weather is warm and kids out of school. Healthcare facilities often see more appointments either due to vacation-related health issues or because parents have more time to schedule appointments for children and themselves. However, you won’t see that much-needed traffic if your facility’s exterior is not up to par. 


Parking lots say a lot about the overall care of a facility. Unfortunately, they take quite a beating in the summertime due to the heat. High temperatures and daily afternoon showers can cause these issues in your parking lot during the summer:


  • The tar melts and causes deformities. When the sun beats down, it can slowly melt the tar in parking lot asphalt over time. While you won’t notice this as it’s happening, the melted tar will re-form and cause bumps and deformities in the parking lot surface. 


  • Asphalt cracks and becomes loose. As the tar melts and morphs into different shapes, it can more easily crack. Older parking lots are more likely to crack in the summertime because this process of melting and reforming tar has happened for years, and the structure is no longer sound. 


  • Asphalt swells from high heat or heavy rains. Asphalt can also swell due to the high heat or from heavy rain in the summertime. This will also cause deformities in the surface and will eventually lead the surface to crack. 


Solutions for Parking Lot Sun Damage


While you cannot fully protect your parking lot from sun damage, you can apply a sealant on the fresh pavement to extend its service life and avoid some of these issues. Your MaintenX technician can help you choose a seal coating for your parking lot and schedule the application during off-hours. Sealants typically do not take long to dry and can be applied to new and older parking lots. 


MaintenX takes parking lot and exterior facility maintenance seriously. To learn more about our services and solutions, contact your local team today!

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