Choosing the Right Roof Ventilation for Your Building

Roof ventilation is a critical component for all types of commercial facilities. For retail stores and office buildings, it can ensure comfort and greater indoor air quality for tenants, while it can be required for commercial kitchens and manufacturing sites for health and safety. Regardless of your specific needs, choosing the right ventilation system is essential when designing your building roof.


Below are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a roof ventilation system with your MaintenX contractor. We can help you choose the right brand and system based on these needs, and plan an installation that will get you up and running faster: 


What type of building do you have, and what is its function?

A hospital, school cafeteria, warehouse, and office building all have different ventilation needs based on size, function, and operational time. For example, a hospital that runs 24/7 and has sanitization and food service ventilation needs will need a much more complex system than a simple office space that is open 9 to 5. The structure of the building itself can also play a big part in how large or complex your ventilation system will need to be in order to function properly.


Where will the ventilation system be installed?

You have several options when it comes to choosing the installation site for rooftop ventilation systems. Some are built into the ceiling, while others are installed inline. Some can be installed on the rooftop along with the HVAC system, while others must be inside. Where you plan to build the ventilation system makes a big difference in the specific machinery your MaintenX contractor will choose. 


Types of Roof Ventilation Systems

Depending on your specific needs, your MaintenX contractor will recommend a brand for one of these types of ventilation systems for your building: 


  • Downblast roof ventilators move clean air steadily in low-to-high static pressure
  • Upblast roof ventilators move air away from the roof and walls and are often used in commercial kitchens 
  • Turbine ventilators are used to create a natural draft that keeps air circulating up and out of the building
  • Exhaust fans installed near the roof remove pollution and hot air rising, as well as help control humidity
  • Smoke exhaust ventilators for fire safety 


MaintenX can help you install, maintain, and repair ventilation systems for all types of commercial facilities. If you’d like to learn more about installing or replacing a current system, give us a call today!

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