How To Prevent Roof Problems in Florida

Roofing problems are unfortunately very common in Florida. MaintenX is headquartered in Tampa, where coastal hurricanes and generally stormy weather threaten local businesses every summer. Coupled with the brutal summer heat and UV rays that can make roofing brittle over time, it is critical for Florida businesses to care for their roofing in their maintenance plan. 


Below are four steps you should take to ensure your Florida business isn’t negatively impacted by roof damage over time: 


Choose the right roofing material. 

During hurricane season, roofing is the most important part of your facility to care for. Most structural damage to your building can be fixed, but if the roof collapses, you’ll be looking at years of rebuilding. In Florida, we recommend choosing hardy roof material like concrete for commercial buildings to help it weather the stormy seasons. 


Care for metal flashing. 

Flashing is the barrier between the ceiling and rooftop to prevent water from leaking inside. When the flashing becomes damaged, it can lead to structural problems with the roof, as well as major leaks inside the facility. Metal flashing is often screwed or cemented onto to ensure it does not crack or leak over time. It is often more durable than plastic, but should still be well-maintained to ensure it lasts the full extent of your roof’s service life. 


Repair cracks or tears in the membrane. 

The waterproof membrane of a roof helps to maintain its strength and prevent water damage from accumulating over time. However, damage to the membrane is similar to damage to the flashing – it leads to leaks and water damage within the facility that can be disastrous. In order to catch these issues early, schedule regular roofing inspections before hurricane season. 


Get rid of roof rats. 

Florida is a prime location for rats to make their homes, as the weather is typically favorable throughout the year and they aren’t likely to freeze over the winter. Rats will live in any part of your facility, but roof rats are especially tricky to exterminate because they are larger and much better climbers than the rats that live within the facility. In order to prevent these pests from causing issues with your roofing, look for signs of them during your roof inspections and ask your exterminator to check roofing during their visits. 


MaintenX specializes in roofing repair, maintenance, and installation throughout Florida. If you are interested in learning more about proper roofing maintenance for your location, give us a call today!

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