Common Problems With HVAC Systems During The Summer

It’s no surprise that your HVAC system is working double time in the summer. In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we experience many more service calls for HVAC systems in the summer as opposed to the winter, because our winters are mild in comparison to the many months of blistering heat and high humidity on the coast. For this reason, we encourage all facility managers to invest in preventative care for their HVAC systems during this time. 


If your system is older or has been having issues lately, it’s important you schedule preventative maintenance with your MaintenX provider. If you are proactive with preventative maintenance, you can avoid these three common HVAC issues during the summertime:


An overheated capacitor

One of the most common issues with HVAC systems during the summer is having the capacitor overheat. This can happen due to overuse or simply due to sun exposure. In either instance, it can cause the entire system to slow down or shut down. If this happens, you need to contact your MaintenX technician immediately. They are not safe to replace on your own because the capacitor has electrical components that require expert handling. Contact us immediately to have a serviceman onsite to fix the issue. 


Refrigerant leaks

Refrigerant leaks can happen at any time of the year, but they are especially problematic in the summertime. Without proper refrigerant levels, your system will not be able to absorb warm air and cool it properly to circulate. A refrigerant leak not only leads to discomfort in the building, but can be an environmental hazard if it leaks outside. To fix this, contact your MaintenX technician to repair the leak and to top off your system with refrigerant. It’s important to fix the leak first, so you don’t have a recurring problem on your hands. 


Clogged filters and drain lines

Because your HVAC system is running at full capacity, it is more likely for the system to experience clogs and buildup in the drain lines and air filters. The drain lines can develop mld and mildew as the humidity rises, and the air filters often become clogged faster because your system is running at maximum capacity. This is a simple fix, but requires the help of a MaintenX technician to properly clean the drain lines and ducts for better performance. 


With MaintenX by your side, we can help you avoid these issues and even improve your HVAC performance with preventative maintenance. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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