Daily Maintenance Tasks That Will Improve Your Facility Tremendously

As a facility manager, you have a lot on your plate to manage. Barring the occasional equipment crisis, you have preventative maintenance to schedule, staff to oversee, and new technologies to research and integrate into your facility for optimal performance. However, there are still plenty of daily maintenance tasks that you need to oversee in order to keep your facility in tip-top shape. 


If you run the maintenance department of a commercial facility, here are some things you should be doing every day to ensure peak performance at every level: 


Facility walkthrough

Being in charge of facility care, you should start your day with a simple interior and exterior walkthrough to identify potential visible maintenance issues. Cracks, leaks, lighting issues, and climate control problems will often make themselves readily available, but you must leave the office to find them. You can use this time to also catch maintenance team leads up to speed on daily tasks and goals. 


Daily landscaping

If you manage a facility with spacious landscaping, it’s likely that it will need daily care. Watering plants, inspecting for pests, and removing weeds or dead plants should all happen on a daily basis so your landscaping never gets out of hand. Even if you don’t perform these tasks, someone on the maintenance team should. 


Maintenance staffing meetings

If you are the facility manager, it is likely you’ll need to meet with your maintenance staff at least once a day to ensure short- and long-term goals are on track. Whether you’re meeting with technicians to assign tasks for the day, or update upper management on your weekly and monthly progress, communication should be a priority on your daily task list. 


Trash removal and cleanup

Finally, before you leave you want to make sure that you’ve tied up all loose ends — trash removal, sweeping or vacuuming, surface cleaning, and more. Go through the daily maintenance checklist with whoever is responsible to ensure you leave the office as clean as when you came in. This will reduce stress in the morning and help you become more efficient in achieving the bigger maintenance strategies. 


Daily routine maintenance will make up most of the maintenance you do, so prioritize it. To learn more about facility management and tips for success, visit our resource center for more information. 

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