Core MaintenX Values That Make Our Service Stand Out

MaintenX is one of the nation’s top total facility repair companies. With over 40 years in business, we’ve built a reputation for excellence that stems from our contractors and their skilled technical work. However, it’s more than a job well done that makes MaintenX the top preventative and corrective repair team across the U.S. Our brand is about integrity, and about keeping your business afloat in times of struggle. 


MaintenX trains each of our employees to follow these company principles, and through this we are able to create a cohesive, positive work environment. This is what we’re all about, and what makes MaintenX so popular among customers in retail, restaurant, medical, manufacturing, and all other industries: 


Empowerment to Improve

MaintenX is built from a nationwide network of self-performing technicians, subcontractors, and strategic partnerships in key areas. We believe in empowering this network with all of the tools and resources they need to improve upon their work every day, while enjoying the freedom and meaning that comes with subcontractor work. Our teams are highly trained and valued within the MaintenX network, which makes them even more enthusiastic to be your service providers.


Customer Service First

At MaintenX, we prioritize work order and account management because that’s what makes the customer service experience a pleasure. From the moment you call us, we track your work order request and dispatch to ensure your service is facilitated by the MaintenX team with ease. If you have issues, the customer service support is here to help you resolve them with your MaintenX technician onsite or with another MaintenX representative. And, we take in all of your feedback to ensure that the technicians who do a stellar job are rewarded, and service improvements can happen when needed. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers never have to look elsewhere for quality commercial repairs. 


Thinking Ahead

During an emergency repair, all you think about as the facility manager is right now. You want your A/C mixed, your plumbing backup resolved, or your roofing repaired so you can go back to business. However, our MaintenX technicians are trained to think about your future as well. We fix your immediate problems, but also work on preventative strategies to ensure breakdowns and accidents happen less frequently. With the help of your MaintenX team, you can improve your building’s operation capacity, and therefore your business’ good name, for years to come. 


Find out how the MaintenX brand stands out by working with us for your next repair. To schedule a consultation or talk to your local MaintenX team, contact us.

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