Keeping Employees Healthy Can Save You Money

Health and wellness incentives are becoming increasingly popular across the country and the world. As a new generation of workers is joining and advancing the workforce, it’s important for companies to keep up with developing trends to ensure they get top talent. What’s more, companies can also save money on healthcare expenses by promoting healthy lifestyle trends.

While LEED and other initiatives come with their own pros and cons, it’s important to view each program with an eye on the big picture. Think about your specific company, industry, and physical environment. Rating systems like LEED and WELL can guide you in the right direction, so you’re not starting from scratch when developing a holistic employee health incentive program.

Office Design

As anyone who has worked in an office in the past 20 years will tell you, office environments have evolved. Individual offices were the standard for decades, then came the sometimes dreaded and often satirized “sea of cubicles” depicted in popular culture. Most recently, the open office has drastically increased in popularity in businesses around the world. Each format has its own effects on employee wellness, and your choice should depend on many factors, including the nature of your work, your corporate culture, and even the “brand” the organization wishes to present to its workers and the world.

Cost Considerations

What about the bottom line? This also isn’t an easy question to answer. As with most decisions for a facility or office manager, it’s important to set priorities. Health and wellness should be at the top of that list, but the individual setup you decide on should be well-researched and tailored to your specific company.

Cheapest Places to Get an Office in the US

One of the hardest things for a new business is finding money to cover its start-up cost. That’s why fledgling companies oftentimes must get small business loans or seek capital from investors to get themselves up and running so they can make a profit.

For this reason, it’s crucial for new businesses to keep their costs as low as possible. Where you choose to start or continue your business is one of the most important factors, because rent prices vary wildly. Below are some of the cheapest places for a business to start or grow without breaking the bank on office rent costs.

Greensboro, North Carolina

The highest corporate income tax rate in North Carolina is a measly 5%, one of the lowest in the country. That’s probably one of the reasons Greensboro is such an attractive places in the U.S. to start a company. Rent in this area is cheap, even for the South, which, as you’ll see dominates this list.

Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington is Kentucky’s second largest city and one of the most highly educated in the U.S. Astoundingly, 40% of those living in Lexington have a bachelor’s degree. That’s probably why new businesses have a lot of options when looking for qualified employees to help their companies shine.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

One of the first cities in the country to invest in high-speed fiber optic internet service, Chattanooga has become very attractive to businesses. Chattanooga has some of the most affordable office rent rates in the U.S. A one year lease for 1,000 square feet of office space there would cost less than $15,000.

Office Perks Employees Actually Want

Happy employees are driven, reliable and productive. That’s why employee satisfaction is critical to a company’s success. But how do you keep your workers satisfied?

Below are some of the most requested employee perks and incentives.

Flexibility and the Virtual Office

You’ve probably heard of the work-from-home opportunity, but how about the ability to work from anywhere?  Companies across the country are now giving employees the option to choose the location most conducive to their work and work style. That’s why telecommuting and the possibility of flexible work hours are two of the most sought-after employee perks.

Parking and Transportation

If workers have a long commute, have to cross bridges, or slog through public transportation, offering to pay for part of the costs would go a long way to making going to work more appealing.

What Perks do YOUR Employees Want?

Want to know what your employees really want? Just ask them.

Survey your workers. Employee surveys can reveal the perks that are most in-demand at your business. It also gives you the chance to learn what your employees really think about their workplace.

Ask them face-to-face. If you can’t get together an employee survey, ask your workers what perks they really want during a one-on-one meeting or during your annual performance reviews.

Consider satisfying requests from top achievers in your company. If they’re already working hard for you, you want to keep them satisfied.

Want to know more about keeping your workforce happy and healthy? Call MaintenX today!

Ways to Encourage ‘Active Commuting’

The benefits of a healthier staff include better productivity, higher morale, and more profit for businesses. That’s why you should consider active commuting.

What is Active Commuting?

Put simply, active commuting programs encourage workers to bike or walk to work, rather than driving or taking public transportation. These programs can be beneficial to companies and workers alike.

Benefits of Active Commuting

  • Improved physical activity
  • Better physical fitness
  • Enhanced health outcomes
  • Reduction in miles driven
  • Lowered greenhouse emissions

Why Consider Active Commuting?

Only half of American adults report getting enough daily exercise. Active commuting brings physical activity into your workforce’s daily routine. Physical activity also saves companies in their annual medical costs.

Active Commuting Incentives

There are many ways to make employees want to bike or walk to work. You can offer incentives for those who join the program or give prizes to workers who active commute to work the greatest number of days in a given period.

Corporate Culture

Active commuting can become a part of your company’s culture. Active cycling programs are a great addition to other green policies (recycling, charity work, community involvement programs, composting, etc.).

Showers, Locker Rooms, And Drying Facilities

Providing a place to shower and dry off is a great incentive to convince people to bike to work every day. Many facilities already offer showers for their staff. If you don’t already have such facilities, think about installing a shower or two. If this is not feasible, consider enrolling in a corporate program with a local gym or rec center.

Making Your Property Bicycle-friendly

Making your property more bicycle-friendly is a good way to improve your workplace and the health of your workforce. Buildings that are bike-friendly tend to have a better social environment—which means higher-quality work and improved customer service.

Health Benefits

Making your property more bicycle-friendly can lower healthcare costs. Workers who ride to and from work frequently tend to be in better physical condition.

Getting Started

What are the principal needs of your business or organization? Are there bike-friendly streets leading to your property? Do you have many employees who already have bikes, or would they benefit from a bike-share program? Answering these questions will illuminate the bicycling challenges facing your particular facility.

Bike Storage

Your workers will want to know their bikes are safe and secure while they’re working. Position your bike parking area in a well-lit and accessible place. Also make it as close to the building’s entrance as possible.

Think about setting up an outdoor bike rack and/or have an indoor rack and a ramp for easy bike access and storage.

Showers and Changing Facilities

Some employees will want to have the option of showering when they get to work after a long bike ride. If your staff is small to medium-sized, one shower should be adequate. In buildings with many employees, two showers is recommended.

If you cannot provide changing rooms and showers for your workers, think about getting a corporate membership to a nearby gym or rec center.

Want to know more about making your facility bike-friendly? Call MaintenX today!

Supporting the Community and Giving Back

At MaintenX, we believe in giving our time and talents back to the community. It’s always an immensely fulfilling experience to volunteer and with technicians from coast to coast, we feel a close personal connection with communities all over the United States. This year MaintenX has donated over $125,000 to various non-profit organizations and volunteered time and our skills on multiple occasions to help the community. We wanted to share with you a summary of our 2018 giving activities.

Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

MaintenX helping the community in Puerto Rico


Earlier this year, the MaintenX Puerto Rico team lent a hand to install water fountains, sinks and toilets for the All Hands and Hearts Foundation in Puerto Rico. This was for a local school that was hit hard in 2018 by Hurricane Maria. To read more about this effort click here!



Golf Charity Events

MaintenX golf team supporting the community with Jackson in Action 83 Foundation The MaintenX team participated in various golf charity events throughout the year including the CVS Charity Classic, the Tarpon Springs Leadership Conservatory for the Arts, St. Joseph’s Hospitals Foundation and the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation that supports local Tampa Bay, military families. To read more click here!




Breast Cancer Awareness

MaintenX team supporting breast cancer awareness in the Tampa Community

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Treasure Chests 5K + Fun Run was held in October. We had over 20 participants from MaintenX run for Breast Cancer research and patient services in the Bay area. To read more click here!




Lending a Helping Hand in the Community

MaintenX Team helping at the Home Depot Foundation event

MaintenX also volunteered and donated to the Home Depot Foundation, Girl Scouts of the USA, Operation Giving Sunshine- The Skills Center, The Whelan Foundation in Long Island, Special Hearts Farm, and the Alpha House of Pinellas County. To read more click here!


Holiday Giving

MaintenX Sponsoring Angel Tree Program for the Holidays in the Tampa Bay Community

 This upcoming holiday season MaintenX encouraged employees to participate in sponsoring children in the Salvation Army Angel Tree program. For every employee sponsored Angel, the company has agreed to match the sponsorship. We’ve encouraged employees across the country to participate with their local branches and their donations will be matched by MaintenX in the Tampa Bay area. Our gifts will be donated on December 12th and we will announce our total number of sponsored Angels on social media! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to find out!



New Years Giving Announcement

With the New Year quickly approaching, MaintenX has some very exciting news to announce in January involving the Tampa Metro area and a major charitable program! The MaintenX team is so excited about this opportunity to give back to the Tampa Bay community and we can’t wait to tell you about it in the new year!