COVID-19 Health & Safety Starts With Your Maintenance Department

COVID-19 has brought chaos to all American industries for almost two years now. This pandemic, which has taken millions of lives, is slowly but surely coming to an end. However, we still have a long way to go in the fight to stop the spread. By taking a proactive approach at your facility, you can help maintain the health and safety of both employees and staff. 


At MaintenX, we want to do our part in helping you to protect your facility from COVID-19 breakouts. Below are three ways in which our maintenance services can help you to keep a cleaner and healthier facility:


HVAC cleaning and maintenance for better ventilation.

Your HVAC system is responsible for ensuring clean indoor air quality throughout your entire indoor facility. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, your HVAC system can circulate germs and bacteria, leading to what we in the maintenance industry call “sick building syndrome.” This same principle can apply to COVID-19. If your HVAC is running inefficiently, you may be unknowingly circulating COVID-19 throughout your entire building. During this time it’s important to be vigilant in your HVAC cleaning service to prevent this. 


Plumbing maintenance to preserve sanitization services.

Your plumbing system may not be making a fuss, but it still needs regular TLC to ensure proper sanitization. Your hand-washing stations are getting extra use, and it’s more important now than ever to ensure they are working at all times. If you neglect to schedule pipe cleaning services, you could end up with plumbing problems that interfere with employee health and sanitization. Don’t let this happen during the pandemic — make time in your maintenance schedule for regular plumbing maintenance. 


Preventative care to reduce loss of productivity.

Preventative maintenance should be an integral part of your maintenance budget. It not only helps to extend the service life of equipment, but it can help prevent unwanted downtime due to emergency repairs. At a time when many employees must take 14-day periods of sick days due to COVID-19, your business cannot afford more downtime. By investing a little extra in your preventative care, you can ensure to weather this storm with as few disruptions in productivity as possible. 


COVID-19 has been a hardship for all Americans, but MaintenX believes we can get through it together. If you have questions about how we’re committing to disease prevention and COVID-19 safety, contact us today!

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