How Facilities Can Prepare For New Wave of COVID-19

Re-evaluate protocols for employees and visitors. 

In the wake of the first wave of vaccinations for adults 18+ many businesses decided to change their protocols for both employees and customers. Mask recommendations were lifted, and capacity for large buildings was brought back up to their original numbers. However, as Delta-variant cases continue to climb, many businesses are going back to their original precautionary measures, often only for staff members. If your facility experiences high foot traffic, you may consider reinstating mask recommendations to help protect both customers and staff. 


Reinstall temporary sanitation facilities if necessary. 

In the summer of 2020, hand sanitization and mask stations were commonly found at the entrances of most facilities. As vaccinations became more prevalent, many retail outlets and restaurants removed these, but they may be necessary as Delta-variant cases continue to rise. You may consider reinstalling these sanitization facilities if your area or state experiences climbing COVID-19 case numbers. 


Provide new information to staff as needed. 

It’s important to keep your staff informed about up-to-date vaccine research, CDC-recommended protocols, and other helpful information to ensure they make informed decisions about their health. By taking a proactive approach, you can help employees feel safe coming to work and ensure the public that you take their health and safety seriously. The best defense against COVID-19 is an informed public, and you can do your part by providing that information as needed to your staff, especially in how COVID-19 affects their job duties. 


COVID-19 is a disease we can overcome if we fight it together. By providing your staff with the tools and information needed to protect themselves, you can ensure a cleaner and safer work environment for all. 


To learn more about the Delta-variant of COVID-19, visit the CDC website here

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