Creating A Sustainable Workplace 

Sustainability is a hot topic in the business world. As our country continues to battle COVID-19, we are taking a closer look at how businesses interact with the community, and how they impact the lives of individuals. A greater concern for public health — and in a broader scope, a concern for the health of our nation and its natural resources — is sparking innovative ideas among top businesses to create more sustainable work environments that can benefit all involved. 


While our focus in this time is on public health sustainability, environmental sustainability is just as important. We rely on natural energy sources for almost all business operations, and care for these resources is paramount to long-term success. The term “sustainability” is not just about the environment, but our ability to create human and business structures that cooperate within the limitations of our natural environment


However, here are not just environmental and moral advantages to creating a sustainable work environment. These technologies can help reduce costs substantially by reducing your resource consumption and reusing what waste you create. The long-term cost benefits make it easier for many facility managers to justify the investment in sustainable technology and the implementation of eco-friendly business practices. 


Energy-efficient lighting, HVAC-R, and electronics

Energy-efficient appliances used to be costly, complicated, and not very powerful. However, innovations in the past few decades have made green lighting, HVAC-R and some electronics more favorable for businesses across the board. Energy-efficient lighting, for example, is now more powerful and long-lasting than traditional lighting options for commercial facilities. While they require a greater upfront cost, you can make up for this with energy savings and an increased service life.


Energy alternatives

Alternative energies used to only be a reality for top businesses and some brands in highly progressive states or municipalities. However, the push to go green has expanded across the country, and many states now offer incentive programs for clean energy such as wind, geothermal, solar, and nuclear power. You may even be able to find these options within your service provider, or can opt to install small solar systems at the facility itself. Talk to your MaintenX team to learn about the available energy alternatives in your area. 


Energy auditing

If you really want to learn about energy-efficiency and its best practices, schedule an audit for your facility. This will allow you to create a customized plan for your facility, incorporating your limitations and budget where necessary.  Energy auditing is free by some service providers and can be your first practical step towards creating a more sustainable business environment. 


MaintenX is committed to creating sustainable workplaces for all of our clients. We provide repairs, installations, and custom consultations for energy-efficient systems across the country. To learn more, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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