Cutting 2021 Maintenance Costs

As a result of the pandemic that began last year, many companies are actively looking for ways to salvage profits by reducing costs. While there are many routes that a business can take, one area in which it is easy to cut costs is facility maintenance. That is not to say that maintenance should be forgone or minimized, but rather that more efficient ways should be found to reduce the amount spent on maintenance, working smarter rather than harder to bring down maintenance costs.


Always engage in preventative maintenance.


The single best and most effective way to reduce maintenance costs is to set up a preventative maintenance plan. While there is an initial cost to preventative maintenance, it is minimal compared to what would be spent in the major repair or full equipment replacement that would be necessary if it is not engaged in. By performing regular checks and small modifications over time, emergency situations can be avoided and therefore actual cost is prevented in the long term. Additionally, downtime due to mechanical failure is also avoided, saving major costs in the form of lost productivity. 


Consider bringing in an outside maintenance team.


If you are running an unsustainable maintenance staff at your office or facility, it may be a good idea to consider switching to an outside maintenance team instead. Especially in smaller facilities and companies, it is cheaper to pay another company when maintenance projects and tasks are necessary than to keep a full time employee on salary for work that might not be necessary all the time. That being said, you want to always be sure you are hiring an expert company that knows what they’re doing and can complete maintenance tasks efficiently and correctly to also save long term costs.


At MaintenX, we strive to be this kind of maintenance team for your company and facility and have all of the skills and experience necessary to complete any maintenance task set before us. Whether you are looking for long-term preventative maintenance or a one time renovation project, we are at the ready to help where and when we are needed. To learn more, please call (855) 751-0075 any time.

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