How to Perform in 2021 with a Reduced Maintenance Staff

Last year’s pandemic still lingers into this one and has brought with it many changes to how many companies conduct business. When times were tough, decisions had to be made to cut costs and ensure the longevity of many companies. Oftentimes, this was done through layoffs and positions and employees that were deemed non-essential to business processes were cut. Unfortunately, many companies still feel the effects of the pandemic and operate with a reduced staff, requiring creative planning to overcome facility challenges they may face in 2021.


Operating with a reduced maintenance staff


One area that many companies chose to cut is their facility maintenance staff. In theory, the logic behind this cut is sound: with fewer employees physically at a facility, there is less of a need to keep it maintained. The problems that might arise from this, however, are equally as apparent. As employees return to work, there is not only a greater need for maintenance, but the equipment and facility systems that have been idle or running at a minimal level now require greater maintenance in order to get back to proper working order. What is the best solution to this?


Outsourcing maintenance projects and tasks


There are a few ways to move into 2021 with a reduced maintenance staff. The simplest answer is to hire new maintenance employees, but this is not always feasible depending on budget and the candidates available. Another viable option is to outsource maintenance work to a third party company. By working with a maintenance company, you only need to pay for the projects and tasks that are being completed instead of keeping an employee on salary the whole time. Additionally, you can be assured that all work is being completed correctly and don’t need to worry about training and potential complications that could result from having new employees.


At MaintenX, we have a highly trained team of expert technicians that are always at the ready to assist in any maintenance task or project. There is no job that is too big or too small, from routine preventative maintenance to major facility renovations and repairs. To learn more about our services and to work with us today, please call (855) 751-0075.

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