Cutting Your Facility Maintenance Costs in The Summer

Facility managers know that budgets for owner-occupied buildings are tight, and commercial real estate can face economic strain even after a recovery is underway.

The tips below will help you cut energy costs.

Depending upon how your site lighting is operated and circuited, you can create an “economize mode” for overnight when the site is at its lowest occupancy.

Involve the Entire Community to Trim Energy Costs

Team up with our custodians, security officers, maintenance personnel and the staff and faculty to keep lights off, power usage down and waste down. Most custodians on night shift clean rooms in a sequence where they finish a room, turn off all equipment and then move to the next area. Security watches the buildings and makes sure all equipment is off after personnel leaves. This is a great way to ensure you cut costs effectively.

Turn Off Vending Machine Lights

Remove light bulbs from all vending machines as an energy-savings initiative. Each machine with the lighting removed was posted with a notice that the machine was in operating condition and the light bulbs had been removed to reduce electric energy consumption.

Use Process Improvement to Reduce Kitchen Energy Use

If you have a commercial kitchen in your facility, then it’s likely to be your most energy intensive operation. In fact it’s probably using five times more energy than any other area. Here are a few thoughts on cutting kitchen energy use.