Design Basics for Solar Carports

The growing popularity of solar technology has led to some surprising innovations. One example of this is the solar carport.

What is a Solar Carport?

Solar carports offer all the benefits of traditional carports, like providing shade and protecting your vehicle from the elements, with the added benefit of supplying your home or even electric vehicle with energy collected from sunlight.

Solar carports use comparable equipment to traditional solar panel systems, so the installation process is much the same.

Benefits of Solar Carports

One big advantage of solar carports, in contrast to traditional ground-mounted panel arrays, is that they don’t need extra land to be installed. For this reason, solar panel carports are a more efficient use of space. Depending on your state, you may even be eligible for a tax credit for installing one. If you want to maximize the use of your space while still benefitting from solar energy, a solar carport might be a smarter option than a ground-mounted system.


Another advantage of a solar carport is that it offers you more flexibility. When installing solar panels on a roof, many factors can limit where its panels are placed.

A solar carport, on the other hand, can be assembled anywhere. The direction of your solar panels and the angle they are positioned changes the amount of energy they can collect. With the freedom to angle and position a semi-mobile structure like a carport, this method can help you maximize the energy output of your solar panel array.

Easy Integration

Solar carports can also be integrated with a home battery or electric vehicle charging port.

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