Designing an Energy-Efficient Commercial Facility

Energy-efficiency is at the top of every builder’s priority list these days. Optimizing energy efficiency used to be something only green builders focused on, but more often facility renters are looking for the benefits of cost-efficiency and decreased environmental footprint that energy-efficient buildings have to offer. 

There are many options available to help your building become more energy-efficient. Below are just some of the upgrades MaintenX can help you install to lower your energy costs and reduce your building’s reliance on non-renewable energy. 

Roofing upgrades

One of the most obvious ways to improve energy efficiency for a commercial facility is to use your roof space for solar panels. They can replace energy used from the power company, and can be styled to look like traditional commercial roofing. However, solar energy is a major investment that not every facility owner is ready for. There are other types of energy-efficient roofing options such as materials that can help block heat from sun rays and reduce energy usage inside. 

HVAC upgrades

Commercial HVAC systems typically consume 30% or more of a building’s entire energy input. By reducing the energy your HVAC needs to operate at peak performance, you can significantly reduce costs. There are a variety of Energy Star-certified commercial HVAC options available, which are widely considered to be the best option for reducing our energy costs. Talk to your local MaintenX provider about energy-efficient upgrades. 

Electrical upgrades

Easy electrical upgrades include smart lighting systems and low-energy appliances that can help lower overall energy costs. Installations such as occupancy sensors, timed lighting, and LED lighting can all help you save throughout the year. Energy-efficient motors, transformers, and control switches are more advanced electrical upgrades that require a greater upfront investment. However, they can greatly impact savings and the environmental impact of your facility. 

Energy-efficiency is about more than short-term cost savings for facility renters. It impacts your business, your community, and the world around you. As more businesses make commitments to reduce environmental harm and energy waste, we can create a better world for future generations. 

MaintenX is committed to environmental sustainability. We offer both installation and repair services for specialized low-energy equipment and appliances. This not only helps our clients, but it helps the communities around us. To learn more about the energy-efficient equipment we work with, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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