Do You Encourage Effective Facility Management?

Facility management is a tough yet crucial job that requires some of the highest-level management skills at your company. This position is responsible for both day-to-day operational efficiency, as well as long-term sustainable growth. However, many facility managers live in the “day-to-day” part of their jobs, and in doing so neglect the long-term health of their facility. 

This is most commonly seen when managing maintenance at a commercial facility. The facility manager will actively seek the most skilled maintenance technicians for hire. These technicians have the capability to make lasting repairs and perform preventative care on major facility systems. But, how often does the facility manager utilize these skills, rather than rely on reactive maintenance when systems start to break down? 

Unfortunately, many facility managers will take the reactive approach, despite the talent they have within their maintenance department. The skilled technician, who may be able to create a long-lasting solution to equipment failure, is instead asked to put a Band-Aid on the problem and monitor for the next failure. Preventative maintenance is not seen as a priority, and as a consequence, the whole system suffers. 

This short-term approach to facility maintenance leads to increased expenses and a decreased drive among the maintenance staff. When facility managers do not utilize or reward the skills of their maintenance team, they lose valuable resources that could save them thousands of dollars in emergency maintenance service. Reactive maintenance may seem like the cheap and easiest solution in the moment, but preventative care will serve your business best long-term. 

If you want to see the best results from your maintenance staff, ask yourself, “Am I encouraging proactive and preventative maintenance, or am I looking for the quickest fix?” If you believe you are doing the latter, now is the time to retool your thinking. The quick-fix approach will put your business at a competitive disadvantage. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way. 

MaintenX provides comprehensive preventative care as well as 24/7 emergency maintenance services. We work with you closely to develop a preventative maintenance plan that will eventually reduce expenses and downtime. There’s no better solution to total facilities repair than your local MaintenX team. 

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