Do’s and Don’ts for Cleaning Your Gutters

Winter is here, which means your gutters are likely to fill up with snow, fallen leaves, and other debris that isn’t present in the summertime. While this may seem like an afterthought in your exterior maintenance, it is actually detrimental to your roofing to neglect gutter maintenance in the autumn and winter. If you want to better maintain your roof, follow these tips for proper gutter maintenance:


DO fix leaks as soon as you notice them. 

Gutter leaks and cracks are easiest to detect in the winter as the snow starts to melt. You’ll notice water dripping along the roof line in areas where it shouldn’t, which could intricate either ice dripping or a leak. If you see this, check your gutters immediately to repair the damage. If you don’t you could lose the gutter entirely or face worse damages in the spring. 


DON’T wait for ice to melt in order to remove it.

Icicles and ice dams within the gutter are not only a problem for your gutters, but can be dangerous to visitors at your facility. If icicles fall they can cause injuries, even if they’re small. Plus, ice dams can severely clog your gutters which can put pressure on your roof and flashing. If possible, remove any ice from your gutters on a daily basis in order to keep your facility safer. 


DO check to ensure the slope of your gutter is correct. 

Gutters aren’t effective if there is not enough of a slope for water to drain. However, a gutter that is sloping too much due to debris weighing it down may eventually fall off or cause undue pressure on your roof. Be sure to check this periodically and adjust as needed. 


DON’T skip regular cleanings in the winter. 

It may be tempting to skip your regular gutter cleanings in the winter now that the leaves aren’t falling as much as they did in the fall. However, organic matter and debris can still build up. Keep cleaning your gutters on their regular schedule in order to maintain them through the harsh winter season. 


If you find it hard to maintain your gutters and roofing in the winter, call MaintenX for help! We have roofing specialists available who can help you plan preventative care and make repairs as needed.

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