How To Protect Your Floors In The Winter

Winter is a beautiful time of the year, but it is especially hard on your facility. Snow, dirt, and ice are tracked in, which can cause damage to your floors if you’re not careful. MaintenX sees an increase of maintenance calls for flooring in the spring due to winter damage, so we want to help you prevent these issues early. 


Below are four different tips you can follow to improve your floor maintenance in the winter and keep your facility clean: 


Reseal hardwood if needed. 

Hardwood is most susceptible to damage from ice and snow. It will absorb the moisture tracked in and either warp or crack over time. In order to protect your floors from this damage, we recommend resealing every few years to keep your hardwood looking new. If you haven’t resealed yourhardwood recently, ask your MaintenX flooring specialist if it’s time. 


Plan parking lot maintenance. 

You can do a lot for your flooring by keeping your facility’s parking lot ice and snow-free. Plowing or melting snow on a daily basis will prevent visitors from tracking in dirt and moisture from outside. Parking lot maintenance in the winter will also keep your facility as a whole safer. 


Add entrance mats or give them a deep clean. 

Proper entrance mats for your commercial facility are a great defense against snow, ice, and dirt coming into your facility. If you don’t have any that are long or wide enough to cover your entrances, shop for them now before the first snow falls. Or, if you have entrance mats but don’t see the best results, give them a deep clean to ensure all ice and snow are removed from shoes before guests enter the building. 


Use floor neutralizer to protect against ice melt.

You may use chemical agents or salt to melt snow in your parking lot, which is very convenient for exterior maintenance. However, if it gets brought inside on the shoes of visitors, it can cause damage to hardwood, tile, and vinyl flooring. To combat this, use floor neutralizers to protect the flooring and remove any chemicals from the surface. 


Floor care is the foundation of a good interior maintenance plan. To learn more about your maintenance options for winter, contact your local MaintenX today!

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