Easiest Plants for Your Yard

Whether you’re a novice gardener or a greenery maestro, seeing your plants dying in the garden isn’t pleasant for anyone. That’s why we’ve put together this list of hardy, no-fuss plants that’ll keep your garden looking beautiful. A note: some of these plants are climate-dependent, so make sure you check to see if your desired growth is right for your region.



Gardening snobs may turn their noses at flowers like impatiens, but there’s a reason they’re so popular: they’re great for adding low-maintenance color to your garden. Just don’t put them in an area with a lot of direct sun, or they’ll burn up!

Apple Trees

Don’t be intimidated! You don’t have to be an arborist to grow fruit trees. Apple trees are easy to grow, and some species can bear fruit in just a few years.

An important note: make sure you buy a self-pollinating tree. Otherwise, you might not ever see apples. When in doubt, talk to an employee at your local gardening center to make sure you get the right one.


If you don’t have experience growing climbing plants, Honeysuckle is a great one to start with! Honeysuckle flourishes in full-sun and low-sun environments, is semi-evergreen, and grows in almost any soil type.


Is there anything better than plucking fresh herbs from your own garden? They’re easy to grow in almost any environment—including your kitchen counter. All they need is a little sun and occasional watering.

Rosemary, in particular, is quite hardy and can go long stretches without watering. Sage and mint are also great candidates, but they tend to overgrow, so keep them in a pot if you don’t want a garden full of them.