Easy Ways to Get More Lighting in Your Office

Everyone is on the lookout for the latest “life hack,” quick tips and tricks to make something easier or better. A lot of time these hacks relate to the kitchen or home, but why not your office? Good lighting is vital to a healthy office; here are a few ideas to help you implement it more effectively.


The best way to improve your lighting is to use overhead lights. Overhead light sources reduce shadows. This makes a room brighter because there is less to obstruct the light sources. Also, try to use natural light style bulbs rather than traditional incandescent bulbs. These will produce a purer light more akin to natural light, without that yellowish hue.


If you have windows on the south side of your building, make sure you use them. In the northern hemisphere, the south side of a building will always get the most natural sunlight during the day. Make sure that windows along the south wall are not obstructed so your space can soak in as much natural light as possible. It will brighten up your office literally and metaphorically; your staff will appreciate the extra Vitamin D, which elevates mood.


Another easy way to push light around your office is to strategically place mirrors inside. Not only can mirrors be used as a quick and simple decor item, they can also help light travel deeper into a building and around corners.


There are many easy ways to get more light into your office. Remember, lighting is an important part of your building, in service of both aesthetics and wellness. If you need more lighting tips or have general questions about your existing light fixtures, contact MaintenX today.