Effective Maintenance Strategies for Hospitals and Nursing Homes

As a hospital facilities management professional, it can be easy to let budgetary concerns fall by the wayside in the name of efficiency. When something is broken or dirty, it must be cleaned or fixed.

Keep reading for key tips on finding cost savings and budgetary efficiency.

Look at the Bigger Picture

The facilities management budget for any organization cannot be looked at in a vacuum. Rather, your budget is directly related to the performance and needs of all the other departments at your facility.

Warranty Database

Facility equipment repair can be a huge cost for hospital facility management. While essential pieces of healthcare equipment cannot go unrepaired, it is important that your department keep track of what is currently under warranty. That way, any repairs or maintenance that are covered by a product warranty do not end up cutting into your budget. Before any repair or maintenance is ordered, check the warranty database and verify whether or not that equipment is covered.

Pricing Agreements with Vendors

Vendor pricing agreements can be a very effective way to maintain your facility’s efficiency without going over your budget. If you lay out what you expect and are willing to spend on repairs over the course of the life of a piece of equipment, and get that amount in writing, you will not be subject to unexpected charges when maintenance or repairs are required.