Electrical Repair: Expectations vs. Reality

Electricity is to your commercial building what oxygen is to the body. Without a system to properly deliver it, you cannot perform any necessary functions. That is why we at MaintenX consider electrical repair to be one of our most important duties within the preventative maintenance strategy. Proper electrical maintenance will ensure a safe building and help you save on energy costs long-term.


At MaintenX we are honored to work with so many great clients who take their facility maintenance seriously. Below are some of the most common questions we receive about our electrical services to help you know what to expect when you give us a call:


Will this be expensive?

This is the most common question we receive, and the answer varies depending on a number of factors. Of course, quality repairs from a reputable contractor will cost more than service from a less reputable handyman. However, what you receive is the peace of mind that you won’t have to pay for the same repairs twice. You can, however, reduce the likelihood of costly emergency repairs by performing regular routine maintenance on your electrical system.


Can you be here now?

MaintenX employs one of the nation’s largest subcontractor networks spanning 13 states and thousands of cities. While we do our best to provide immediate service for emergency repairs, we cannot always reach your facility immediately depending on the time of day and our current schedule. Typically our contractors can reach a job site within a few hours, so the sooner you call the sooner we can begin the dispatch and consultation process.


How can I protect my electrical system?

Preventative care is the best option for reducing safety hazards and unexpected downtime. We recommend routinely inspecting your electrical system to look for wearing parts or insulation that need replacing. We also recommend investing in surge protectors and a backup generator or UPS system to ensure your facility is never without power. As the hurricane season fast approaches this summer, we encourage all commercial facilities to invest in these systems to keep their facility functioning in the event of a natural emergency.


Knowing what to expect from your electrical team is half the battle in running an effective facility maintenance team. To learn more about your options and preventative maintenance services, contact the local MaintenX team today!

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