Roofing Repair: Expectations vs. Reality

One of MaintenX’s biggest services in the summertime is roofing repair. Next to HVAC work, this is our most requested service during this time due to the potential for hurricanes on the coast. Any wise facility manager knows that roofing repairs need to take first priority before the fist tropical storm or hurricane hits the shore. However, it’s important to know what to expect before calling your MaintenX team for help.


What roofing maintenance should I routinely schedule?

Roofing repairs can be very costly, which is why we recommend scheduling preventative care services. These can include gutter cleaning, routine shingle repair, and inspections for leaks or cracks in the roof that could cause structural damage down the line. If you have a rooftop HVAC system, you can easily schedule preventative care for roofing on the same day you plan for HVAC maintenance service.


What should I NOT expect from my MaintenX team?

Roofing repair is mostly preventative, but if issues such as molding or water damage have occurred, we strongly recommend re-roofing. Many clients believe that roofing damage is simple to repair, but this is not always the case. Once a roof has experienced major damage or deterioration in the flashing, we have limited options to preserve your safety and the building functionality. That is why preventative care is at the top of our priorities for all roofing clients. 


What should I know about hurricane prep for roofing?

Many clients think about roofing last when it comes to hurricane prep. While your commercial roof is stronger than windows or doors, it is still the first thing that is likely to go when trees fall. If your roofing is experiencing structural problems, you may end up with a collapsed ceiling when a strong hurricane hits. In addition to preventative care, we recommend protecting your roof from the interior and patching any holes or leaks in the summer. Talk to your MaintenX roofing team to learn more about hurricane roofing prep for 2021. 


Roofing maintenance can be straightforward, but only if you put the time and effort in to make it work. You can call your local MaintenX team to get started prepping your roof for summer today!

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