Energy Conservation Incentive Programs for Your Facility Occupants

The people inside your building or leased space are responsible for the bulk of its energy use. After all, plug loads, lighting, and HVAC in tenant spaces often account for 50 percent or more of a building’s total energy use.

So since the actions of your employees and other occupants impact how the building’s systems run, by working with building occupants, you can empower and engage them to become part of the solution.

Here are some low-cost ideas to get your occupants on board and interested in saving energy.

Encourage them to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Ask building occupants to make a pledge to take the stairs at least once a week. Afterwards, post motivational signs in the stairwell to remind them that they’re doing their body, and your bottom line, good.

Give them energy “citations” to hand out.

Why not let your building’s occupants to be your eyes and ears? Your facility’s occupants will enjoy the experience, but it will also train them to keep an eye out for wasteful behaviors.

Give out prizes.

You’d be surprised what people will do for free stuff. You could host an ice cream social to tell tenants about energy-saving efforts, or give out gift cards to anyone who suggests a useful energy-saving idea.

Teach them how to enable power management settings.

Computer power management settings are a great idea to reduce energy consumption. But be sure to give your occupants step-by-step instructions. Helpful reminders like this one from Food Lion’s energy team can help reinforce the instructions.

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