Environmental Sustainability Risks and Opportunities for Florida’s Commercial Buildings

Environmental sustainability is one of the hottest topics in today’s political and economic climate. For many of us, there seems to be a zero-sum game between economic and environmental health, with many Americans fearful of the future. However, it is important for businesses to look at the opportunities that this worldwide problem brings us, as well as the changes we need to make in order to lead sustainable businesses in an ever-changing world.

Nowhere is this more true than in Florida. Our state is home to one of the most unique landscapes in the United States, and one of the most unique in the world. We are home to the one-of-a-kind Everglades National Park, hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches, incredible seafood provided from our oceans and Gulf, and a unique sub-tropical climate that brings in millions of tourists every year. Most Floridians value what our natural landscape has to offer, and have a vested interest in protecting it for both humans and wildlife to thrive.

Florida businesses are posed with unique risks and opportunities relating to environmental sustainability, which we will explore briefly and offer guidance for businesses looking to make a positive impact on their communities and greater environment:

Greatest Risks: Sea Level Rise and Pollution

The saltwater is one of Florida’s greatest assets, but also one of our greatest environmental threats to date. Because of intense ocean pollution and increased carbon capture, sea levels are expected to rise at an alarming rate over the next few decades. This puts waterfront businesses at risk of losing property value and threatens future generations of losing valuable real estate altogether. This coupled with ocean pollution can put seafood industries and the waterfront restaurants they serve at incredible risk if nothing is done to clean up our oceans.

While this risk is great to Florida property owners and the fishing industry as a whole, there is plenty that the FWC and other organizations are doing to protect the ocean and Gulf of Mexico from further overfishing and pollution. Businesses also have options to mitigate sea level rise in their communities to protect their property values as sea levels creep up on waterfront property.

Greatest Opportunities: Solar Power and Natural Resource Conservation

Florida is known as the “sunshine state” and is, therefore, one of the best places for businesses to invest in solar energy. Though solar power isn’t as popular in Florida as it has been in California, more and more businesses are investing in this alternative energy for the economic value alone. Solar energy puts the control in property owners’ hands, allowing them to generate their own energy and reduce costs dramatically over time.

However, solar energy isn’t Florida’s only valuable natural resource. Conservation efforts statewide are helping to protect our wetlands and foster safer fishing practices for local bays to ensure our seafood is a protected commodity that can support local communities for decades to come.

Florida businesses have so many opportunities to grow despite a changing environment, and at MaintenX we want to support them in doing so. Talk to your local MaintenX team about ways you can invest in energy-efficient and solar technology today.




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