Five Benefits of Exterior Maintenance Services 

At MaintenX, we often prioritize interior maintenance as it is the cornerstone of most business operations. However, maintenance service on the exterior of your building is just as important for the functionality and aesthetic value of your building. By performing maintenance on exterior walls, appliances, and landscaping, you ensure your property retains its value in the short and long term.

Curb Appeal 

One of the most essential benefits of exterior maintenance for your facility is improving its aesthetic value. This makes a better impression on clients, and will ensure your business stands out from the street. A business with a run-down parking lot, unkempt landscaping, and visible wear and tear on the exterior of the building will not attract the ideal clientele no matter how great the service is inside.

Employee Morale

Employees want to come to a place where they can be proud to work. Much of this has to do with your working conditions and service, but the visual appeal of the building can make an impact on employee satisfaction as well. If the building is a place where they want to bring their friends and family, it can make an impact on employee retention and performance.

Improved Safety

Taking care of outdoor safety signs, equipment, and ensuring hazards are removed or labeled can prevent onsite accidents that cost your company thousands of dollars. OSHA cites over 40,000 companies per year with safety violations, many of which can be prevented with the right facility maintenance on schedule.

Higher Property Value

Exterior maintenance can increase curb appeal, which is important to customers and potential buyers or renters in the future. If your building is highly attractive from the street, you can sell or rent it for a premium price as compared to if it is functional but run-down.

Reduced Pest and Weed Problems

Landscaping services help to prevent pest problems that work their way inside, costing your business thousands of dollars in potential fines and pest control services. Exterior maintenance can also prevent weed problems and other landscaping issues that will make your facility look unkempt from the outside.

MaintenX offers a variety of exterior maintenance services, from paint touchups to outdoor HVAC repair, landscaping, and more. We can help you create a better business with better facility repair. Contact us today to learn more!

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