Essential Summer Maintenance for Your Backup Generator

At MaintenX, most of our service calls for backup generators happen in the summertime. Smart business owners are preparing for the summer stormy season, which includes preventative care on their backup power supply. In the event of an emergency, your backup generator can keep the doors of your business open to provide shelter and essential services in emergencies.  We like to do our part by offering backup generator maintenance services and advice in the spring before the bulk of hurricanes and nasty weather arrive. 


Below are our technicians’ top tips to ensure your backup generator is at peak performance this summer. While each generator model, size, and design is different, these tips should help you across the board along with a professional consultation from your MaintenX team: 


Check oil levels.

Just like the oil in your car needs to be replenished, your generator’s motor oil should be checked and replaced periodically. Because it does not run on a daily basis, this step is critical to ensure it is ready in emergencies. Be sure to also store some oil in case of emergencies. 


Test the battery. 

Dead or faulty batteries are one of the top reasons we receive emergency service calls on generators. Once a month you should test the battery to ensure it is fully charged and free of corrosion. A MaintenX technician can do this during your preventative maintenance checks to save time and ensure your facility’s safety in emergencies. 


Check fuel levels. 

Backup generators can run on gas, diesel, or propane. No matter what fuel type, you’ll want to check the piping for leaks as these can be dangerous. Check fuel levels and refuel as necessary so you always have a full tank. 


Change out used parts.

Backup generators have air filters, fuel filters, and spark plugs that all must be changed regularly for optimal performance. These minor parts can cause issues if they are not clean and changed regularly. Ask your MaintenX technician to check these at each visit. 


Schedule a test run each month. 

Most importantly, you should always check your backup generator unit for proper function. Some generator models will perform this test on their own, but others will need to be tested manually. By running your generator once a month, you can prevent generator emergencies when the power goes out. 


By following these five tips, you will be better prepared for the summer storms and any power emergency at your facility. To learn more about our backup generator maintenance services, call our offices today!

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