Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Tips To Help You Get Through The Summer

Restaurants and commercial foodservice facilities have some of the strictest maintenance and sanitary guidelines among businesses in the U.S. the standards to which your commercial facility is measured are high, which means there is no room for error when it comes to preventative care. Luckily, MaintenX specializes in commercial kitchen maintenance and has worked with restaurants of all sizes across the country. 


Below are some of our top tips to help you have stress-free inspections and keep your kitchen running at peak performance. If you have any questions or would like to create a preventative maintenance schedule with our technicians, call your local MaintenX team today!


Clean, degrease and replace as needed. 

Deep cleaning should be an essential element of your commercial kitchen maintenance scheduling. Moving and cleaning behind equipment as well as daily cleaning performed by staff will help reduce other maintenance issues down the line. You should also talk to your MaintenX team about replacing air filters, cleaning pipes, and scheduling other specialized cleaning services.


Maintain your ventilation system.

The ventilation system is one of the most important yet overlooked systems in commercial kitchens. It is responsible for the safety and comfort of your staff, and therefore should be regularly cleaned and checked. Commercial kitchens require much more frequent HVAC checks than typical facilities or residential buildings. Talk to your MaintenX technicians about setting up a proper maintenance schedule based on the demand and age of your facility. 


Schedule refrigeration inspections.

If a refrigerant leak or power outage occurs, your refrigeration system will suffer tremendously. You don’t want to lose money because perishable goods spoil in the refrigerator, so be sure to keep up with preventative care on your refrigerator. Clean, inspect, and check all essential refrigerant parts to ensure a breakdown never occurs. 


Create a preventative maintenance plan. 

All of these issues can be resolved if you work on a preventative maintenance schedule for your facility. We can help you create a manageable and effective schedule that will keep your kitchen from facing disaster. Many of our clients say that this was one of the best decisions they’ve made for the health, safety, and efficiency of their business. 


MaintenX specializes in commercial kitchen repairs and understands your needs in this demanding industry. To learn more about our repair and preventative maintenance services, contact our offices today!

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