Facility Management Credentials

Facility managers are accountable for a wide variety of duties, all of which require crucial skills and measured judgment. That why you want to ensure you hire the right manager to handle this daunting task. Below are some credentials to look for when hiring a FM.

Technological Vision

Facility managers have a lot of tasks—and sometimes disasters–thrown at them all day, every day. Many of these challenges demand inventive, resourceful answers. If you want to sustain and build an innovative workplace, you’ll want to look for a FM who can think on their feet, as well as outside the box.


Facility Management Certifications are quality, respected designations that can help you find the right FM candidate. They:

  • Confirm a candidate has the necessary core competencies
  • Show his or her drive to improve and grow as a facility manager
  • Show competency for managing many types of spaces and industry sectors

A good facility manager also needs to structure your space to facilitate worker productivity. This might mean removing physical barriers and re-arranging office furniture, or even finding ways to admit more natural light.

Although you might not have realized it, the responsibilities of a facilities manager are vital to your company’s success. Make sure that whoever you put in this position is a meticulous and flexible employee.

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