Tips for Recruiting Facilities Management Talent

Facilities management is demanding. FMs face many and varied challenges every day, such as:

  • Coordinating vendors
  • Handling unexpected problems
  • Meeting compliance guidelines
  • Scheduling regular maintenance
  • Completing internal audits
  • Warning staff of safety issues

From relationship-building to project management, the FM’s plate is full. Keep reading to learn about the most vital skills you will need in your next facility management hire.

Understand the Company’s Business

Effective Facilities Management can help your organization reach its goals; knowledge of how the departments interact and where improvements can be made is a vital part of this strategic process. Make sure your FM has these credentials.


As the central responsibility of a facilities manager is to deliver effective management and support of functions of a business, robust leadership skills are indispensable.

IT Expertise

IT literacy is imperative if you want a solid facilities manager because the facility management world is becoming increasingly dependent on modern technologies.

That means that the better the grasp they have of the IT realm, the more valuable they will be to your business.

There is a large range of IT software specific to facilities management, such as

  • CAD
  • BIM
  • GIS

Have a general grasp of them so you can check to see if perspective FMs are familiar with them. While it’s not certainly not essential for FMs to be tech experts, it is essential that entry-level facilities managers know how to use these systems, because technology’s importance to the function of facilities will only grow over time.

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