Five Reasons to Be Wary of the Lowest-Bidding Maintenance Contractor

Facility managers have a tight budget to manage, and every dollar counts. More often than not you don’t have the option to increase your budget, especially when it comes to preventative maintenance. However, there are plenty of reasons to be wary of the lowest-bidding contractor as well. You should consider quality and craftsmanship above the lowest price when working with maintenance teams, or you could pay for it in the long run. 


Not sure if your maintenance contractor is worth hiring? Consider this before choosing the company with the lowest price: 


They could be underbidding for a reason. 

Unfortunately, not all contractors are transparent during their consultation and estimate. They might underbid with a plan to upcharge you later on, or will only factor in the cost of parts in the initial assessment. You can’t always tell which contractors are honest during the first consultation, which is why it’s important to read plenty of reviews before signing a contract. 


They may not have the experience. 

Contractors who are new to the business will often offer low prices in order to get the experience they need. While an inexperienced contractor isn’t necessarily unskilled, they may miss things that an experienced contractor wouldn’t. A lack of experience may also cause them to bid low because they don’t understand the full scope of the job. You may end up paying more for a contractor who underestimates their time or costs. 


They won’t have enough manpower. 

If a bid seems deceptively low, you’ll want to ask about the crew that will be working on your project. Sometimes contractors will skirt by with a bare-bones crew in order to bid low and keep a greater share of the profits. However, this can cause issues in the quality and timeliness of your project. Ask ahead of time before choosing a one-man team to work on your commercial construction project. 


They’re sacrificing the quality of materials. 

Some contractors are able to bid low because they choose the cheapest materials available to get the job done. While this is a smart way to get customers, it is not a great way to keep them. Cheap materials can lead to maintenance problems later on, which is why you’ll want to consult with your contractor before they buy parts for your project. 


You’ll get what you pay for. 

In general, a quality contractor will cost more than a beginner. However, the small investment you make now will pay tenfold when you don’t have to worry about follow-up repairs or a complete do-over when the repair or renovation is failing. Choosing a contractor with solid reviews, experience, and transparency is the best way to ensure long-term satisfaction. 


MaintenX never skips out on quality to give you a cheaper price. We offer affordable maintenance services that improve your facility overall and are honest with our clients during every consultation. To learn more about what sets MaintenX apart, contact us today!

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