Backup Generators vs. UPS Systems

In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we are all too familiar with power outages. They happen during Florida’s powerful hurricane season and can wreak havoc on operating businesses in the area. Many facilities cannot accept power outages because they provide life-supporting or sustaining services throughout the area. Even companies that have the option to close do not want to wait indefinitely to reopen their doors after a major storm or outage. 


If you want to be prepared for power outages 24/7, you have two options. You can invest in a backup generator, or install a UPS system at your facility. Both have their unique advantages and disadvantages, and MaintenX is here to help you choose the right one for your facility: 


The backup generator

Backup generators are separate pieces of equipment that can either be portable or permanently installed at your facility. These large, loud machines can supply power to large warehouses or factories in the event of a power outage. While they are affordable and practical, they can be an inconvenience during operation because of the noise. Backup generators also have a lag of around 30 seconds, which means continual power is not an option. 


For this reason, backup generators are not ideal for hospitals or businesses that require continual power.  They can be a more affordable and practical option, however, for facilities with plenty of outdoor space to install a permanent generator, such as a grocery store or manufacturing facility. 


UPS systems

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are options for facilities that require power 24/7 no matter the conditions. They are integrated into your electrical system and act as a battery for your entire facility. These are ideal for hospitals, data centers, or any other large facility that cannot afford a shutdown. They also come in smaller units that ensure that computer systems have the time to shut down properly, which is ideal for any business that relies heavily on its tech integrations. 


While UPS systems are typically the ideal option, they can be expensive. Maintenance on these machines is not easy either, which means that only serious business owners should invest in one. If you plan to shut down for storms and power outages, a backup generator may be the practical solution. 


Backup generators and UPS systems are critical for any business. MaintenX offers maintenance and installation services for both and can help you make the right choice for your specific facility. To learn more about our installation and repair services, contact us today!

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