Five Reasons To Prioritize Preventative Care

At MaintenX, we always prioritize preventative maintenance for our clients. In a commercial facility, continuity is key. Any disruption in the normal function of your business can cause loss of profits and customer dissatisfaction. This includes not only your essential equipment but systems like your HVAC machines and plumbing. By investing in preventative care, you avoid common problems that lead to serious and expensive emergency services. 


Below are five reasons to prioritize preventative care in your maintenance plan:


Avoid unplanned downtime

Emergency repairs cause unplanned downtime in one way or another. EMployees may have to relocate to allow the maintenance team to reach a certain area, or in severe cases, your entire facility could be shut down due to maintenance. THis affects your customers and bottom line, so don’t let it happen!


Budget repairs

Planned repairs are typically less expensive than emergency ones, and can be budgeted well in advance. You don’t want to have to pay for the higher labor costs and potentially more pricey repairs during an emergency, so make a preventative maintenance schedule and stick to it. 


Extend the service life of systems

Systems that are maintained will inevitably last longer than those that run to fail. With a little extra TLC now, you can extend the service life of HVAC equipment, electrical systems, and pipes by five to ten years in some cases. 


Avoid safety hazards

Electrical maintenance is essential to prevent fires and power outages that can be detrimental to employee and customer safety. With regular preventative maintenance checks, you can replace frayed wires and identify potential issues before they become emergencies. 


Prevent sick building syndrome

An HVAC system that goes uncleaned for long periods of time may cause sick building syndrome — where germs and bacteria in the air ducts circulate and cause airborne illness for all employees and staff. This has become an increasing concern during COVID-19, but should always be addressed to prevent the spread of colds, flu, and bacteria-related respiratory diseases. 


Preventative maintenance is our specialty at MaintenX. To learn more about what preventative care can do for your business, contact us today.

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