Tips for Maintenance Management of Multi-Tenant Commercial Facilities

At MaintenX, we serve many multi-tenant facilities with routine maintenance and emergency care services. From malls and shopping outlets to hotels and other rental spaces, we make maintenance easy when you’re managing multiple spaces. However, we can’t always be there and want you to be prepared with a maintenance plan that is self-sufficient and easy to implement across multiple tenant buildings. 


If you are managing multiple buildings or multiple tenants in a large commercial space, follow these tips to ensure your maintenance planning never gets out of hand: 


Communicate with your tenants.

Communication is essential for any maintenance team to function properly. Without a clear strategy and communication system for service requests and preventative care scheduling, your maintenance system will quickly unravel. In order to prevent emergency repairs and a backlog of preventative maintenance service requests, create a simplified process for tenants and maintenance to communicate effectively. 


MaintenX uses a cutting-edge work order management and dispatch system to help you achieve this. We can dispatch teams for emergency repairs in a matter of hours, and keep a detailed log of preventative maintenance schedules so you never miss a tuneup. To learn more, contact your local MaintenX team. 


Create a schedule and stick to it. 

Scheduling is essential to ensure preventative repairs like HVAC cleaning and electrical safety maintenance get handled in a timely manner. Without a schedule for each tenant or section of your multi-tenant building, you can easily lose track of who needs what. A schedule based on communicated needs from each department will ensure you’re on time with repairs without the hassle. 


Prioritize shared utilities. 

Shared utilities such as the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems should take first priority or individual units or areas of the building. This ensures that you don’t lose productivity with multiple tenants and that in the event of emergencies you can easily move people to operational parts of the building. MaintenX works on large-scale buildings and is happy to make a custom preventative care plan for all of your shared utilities. 


MaintenX helps commercial facilities of all sizes run smoothly and perform better through preventative care. To learn more about how you can aid multiple tenants with a streamlined maintenance process, contact us.

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