Five Tips For Managing An Office Building Remodel

Your office building is like a second home for tenants and employees. Investing in its appearance and function can not only boost tenant satisfaction but improve productivity inside the building. Whether it’s a change of floors, a fresh coat of paint, or an equipment upgrade, your new office renovation will bring many benefits to the people inside. However, renovations of any kind can get stressful. 

In order to maintain control of your renovation and keep employees happy, here are a few tips you should follow: 

Know your priorities. 

Delays can and will happen at some point during your project. When these issues arise and start putting stress on the project as a whole, it’s important to know where your priorities lie. Are you more focused on aesthetics, equipment advancements, or improving space efficiency? Understanding what needs to be accomplished will help you mitigate stress during delays. 

Budget realistically. 

As a rule of thumb, it’s better to budget for greater expenses than it is to budget for savings. When you set realistic expectations for the cost of your project, you’ll be more satisfied with the end result. Talk to your contractor to understand the options and limitations within your budget. 

Think about your exit strategy.

While you may be making renovations for your current tenants, you want to keep in mind your exit strategy before investing. Will your renovation add intrinsic property value, or is this something that only your current tenants will value? By asking the tough questions you can decide which renovations are worth the investment, and which should be put on the backburner. 

Schedule with your employees in mind. 

Renovations will likely take away workspace from your employees, lowering their productivity and adding stress to their day. In order to reduce the uncertainty your employees or tenants face, schedule renovations in small increments. Plan to cause as little disruption as possible at one time, and you’ll keep everyone happy. 

Understand your new maintenance needs. 

Your new renovation won’t stay new forever. In time, the new equipment, appliances, and infrastructure will require regular maintenance. This should be factored into your budget as well as your operation plan after the renovation. Keep these factors in mind before starting your renovation. 

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