Five Tips For Post-Renovation Cleaning And Maintenance

A facility renovation is both exciting and stressful for the building owners and management. Building renovations are an investment in future profitability, but they are not easy to execute. And, in the aftermath of major construction, you’ll be tasked with cleaning up and restoring order to your newly renovated facility. 

If you are cleaning your facility after a new renovation, be sure to follow these tips for a safer, more effective job. If you are not hiring a professional cleaning company, you may be unaware of some of these steps that can lead to a better overall facility experience for your tenants and staff. Here’s what you need to remember: 

Clean air vents for dust and debris. 

During new construction, your air vents and filters will likely collect dust. This can reduce your ventilation system’s efficiency, and allow dust to circulate through the building which reduces indoor air quality. This can eventually cause health problems for the staff and tenants if you’re not vigilant. In order to prevent this issue, always replace your air filters and clean out vents before moving people back into the renovated space. 

Clean hinges, crevices, and hard-to-reach places. 

It can be easy to let some of these things go when you have a big cleanup job ahead of you. However, leaving dust or debris in door hinges or window panes can cause problems with indoor air quality and damage your building’s structure over time. Be sure to vacuum out cracks and crevices in the alls and windows, and clean any hard-to-reach spot thoroughly before moving on. 

Clean electrical fixtures with care. 

Outlets and electrical fixtures must also be cleaned thoroughly after a facility renovation. You never want to put your building at risk for electrical fires or maintenance issues, so this step is crucial to maintaining safety after a renovation. Always be sure to turn off the main switch, however, to prevent onsite injuries due to electric shock. 

Clean up before you start arranging furniture.

In most cases, it’s better to clean an office space entirely before placing furniture and appliances into the space. Furniture and appliances can be damaged by circulating dust and debris, and make it more difficult to remove dirt in hard-to-reach places. Though it may be tempting to try and restore order to the office while you clean, your employees will be much happier if they can move into a completely cleaned and renovated space. 

Ensure all maintenance tasks are complete during the cleaning process. 

Cleaning after the renovation process isn’t as effective if you don’t also take care of your preventative maintenance tasks at the same time. Before you bring people back into the space, be sure to replace your air filters, solve any plumbing or electrical issues, and ask your technician to schedule any follow-up services ASAP. This will make your newly renovated space truly efficient and beneficial for all. 

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