Florida COVID Cases Are Rising — Here’s What Your Facility Can Do To Help

The coronavirus pandemic has, in many ways, forever changed the business environment. It has put extra pressure on those who have been able to stay open to reinvent their business practices and put customer safety above all else. WHile it may have upended many brands, it has also created long-lasting positive change for employees and customers. Their safety and satisfaction are put as the first priority, and their standards have been raised. This will encourage businesses to raise the bar not only in the present, but in order to compete in this new business landscape. 


If you want to be at the top of your industry, this shift in mindset is paramount. Below are a few ways in which you can create a better facility environment for tenants and employees alike: 


Maintain proper maintenance and sanitization.

This should be the first priority for all brick and mortar businesses at this time. Your facility should be in constant cleaning mode, ensuring that the spread of germs is minimized through proper sanitization. This practice should not only be where customers can see it, but in every aspect of your facility operations. 


Offer up to date information on COVID.

In addition to the practical applications of sanitization practices, you can offer information for personal protection to employees and tenants. Help them understand CDC guidelines, and provide clear information on how your facility is staying safe. For example, many companies are providing COVID-19 statements that show how their facility is taking precautions for employee safety. Include this as well as general information from the CDC to your tenants and staff. 


Empathize with their financial situation

COVID-19 has put financial pressures on everyone, including your customers and staff. If your employees have reduced hours, or if your target market was particularly hit hard by the economic downturn, communicate and offer assistance where you can. Many federal and state programs exist to help businesses provide benefits to employees with reduced hours. You may also consider providing discounts or special offers to customers that are struggling at this time. 


Above all, make sure to stay healthy and safe

COVID-19 has created many struggles for businesses, but it has created even more hardships for the people. Our health and safety is of primary importance. It is up to business owners and managers to protect their community and make sound decisions with everyone’s wellbeing in mind. 


MaintenX is here to support you through the COVID-19 crisis. We provide maintenance services with your safety in mind, and can help you maintain a clean, germ-free work environment. To learn more about our commitment to safety and sustainability, contact us today. 

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