Four Benefits of Scheduling Preventative Maintenance For Your Electrical System

Most any modern commercial facility is entirely reliant on electricity to operate. We rely on electrical power for every computer, appliance, factory equipment, and facility essential such as a running HVAC system. Despite our overwhelming reliance on the electrical system, very few facility managers take the time to invest in electrical preventative maintenance. 


Your electrical system is a superpower, but it isn’t infallible. Wiring gets old, outlets get overworked, and circuits become overloaded more easily than you might imagine. To prevent inconvenient emergency repairs or more serious threats like electrical fires, invest in preventative care from your MaintenX electrician team. You’ll be investing in these benefits, as well as improving the overall efficiency and quality of your workplace: 


Prevent corrosion of electrical wiring and parts. 

The electrical components of your facility will accumulate dust and dirt just like the rest of the facility. Even if you can’t see it, you may be able to tell when electrical wiring is in need of a tune-up by the smell or unusual noises coming from electrical components. Ask your MaintenX electrician to inspect both internal and external electrical components to ensure corrosion does not occur.


Replace overheating parts early. 

Typically, electrical components will start to overheat before they fail altogether or cause an electrical fire. This is a crucial step, because you can replace these parts early if you catch overheating in time. By replacing old or overworked parts early, you can save on costly emergency repairs and damage caused from a circuit that is overworked. 


Increase energy-efficiency. 

Overloading an outdated electrical system is one of the easiest ways to waste energy in a commercial facility. With an electrical preventative maintenance plan in place, however, you can work to reduce your electrical system’s workload and increase energy efficiency overall. This may include replacing old or outdated equipment to more modern technologies which will also increase energy efficiency at your facility. 


Prevent electrical shorts. 

One of the most important benefits of electrical maintenance is preventing electrical shorts and potential fire hazards. If an electrical system is overworked and not maintained by a professional electrician, it can become overloaded and short circuit during your normal working hours. THis not only puts productivity to a halt, but can put tenants at risk of electrical fires. A sound electrical maintenance plan will prevent these issues from happening in the first place. 


Electrical maintenance is a critical component of any facility maintenance plan, and can be easy with MaintenX. We offer comprehensive preventative care for electrical, HVAC, plumbing, roofing, and more. To learn more about our electrical maintenance services and costs, contact your local MaintenX today!

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