Four Things Your Electrician Wants You To Stop Doing at Your Business

At MaintenX, we like to get to know our clients and provide them with as much hands-on knowledge as possible to make their maintenance programs run better. From DIY tips to advice on the latest equipment upgrades, we strive to arm our clients with information so they can do what they do best. However, there are several things we wish our clients wouldn’t do, especially when it comes to their electrical system. 


Below are four things your electrician wishes you wouldn’t do, and why these actions can pose a risk to your facility and yourself: 


Using loose electrical outlets. 

Loose outlets are not only impractical but are a potential fire hazard to your facility. An outlet that is loose can generate quite a lot of heat, which is incredibly dangerous. If any of your outlets are loose, replace them immediately before plugging into one. 


Overloading your circuit. 

Oftentimes, commercial facilities are loaded to the max with electrical appliances, which can easily lead to an overloaded circuit in older buildings. An overloaded circuit will cause issues with all of your electrical appliances and can lead to electrical safety hazards if modern fail-safes are not in place. If you notice flickering lights or a circuit tripping frequently, contact your electrician to talk about upgrading. 


Ignoring electrical issues in the restroom. 

Water conducts electricity very well, which is why electrical components in a bathroom can be risky. If you notice exposed wires or a loose outlet, contact your MaintenX electrician immediately. Electrocutions can cause severe and debilitating injuries, so don’t take this hazard lightly. 


Doing electrical repairs yourself. 

Some maintenance tasks you don’t have to outsource – painting the walls, snaking a drain, and cleaning your gutters are all simple tasks for you or your onsite janitorial staff to handle. However, all electrical repairs should be done by a licensed electrician, no matter how small. Electrical repairs are dangerous if not done correctly. It is much better to pay for a professional than to risk your safety and health over a few saved dollars. 


MaintenX offers affordable, fast electrical repair for businesses across the U.S. If you’d like to learn more or hire a licensed electrician in your area, give your local MaintenX a call today!

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