The Meaning of Electrical Wire Colors

At MaintenX, safety is our top priority. From the training we provide to the precautions we take onsite, everything is centered around safe and reliable service for our customers. This is especially important for electrical work, which poses risks of electrocution and fire hazards if done incorrectly. 


One of the things that help electricians stay safe is the wire color-coding system. Different colored wires are used for different purposes, which helps them to easily identify issues and fix them quickly. If you are working on electrical repairs yourself, it is helpful to know what these colors mean, and which ones are dangerous to handle on your own: 



Green wires are used for grounding. They can sometimes feature a yellow stripe or be bare copper wire but are typically insulated for protection. Grounding wires prevent electrical hazards by redirecting current when a short circuit or overload occurs. Because they can conduct electricity, they should be handled with caution at all times. 



Black wires are “live” wires and are used to feed electricity to all of your appliances and outlets. They are also used as “switch legs,” which power appliances when a switch. Black wires should always be considered live and require you to shut off the circuit breaker or power to the entire building if performing electrical repair. 



Red wires are used as alternate live wires for a variety of applications. When a particular appliance requires a lot of electricity, such as a stove or A/C unit, red wires are used with black wires to provide the additional power. Red wires can also be used as switch legs for things like a ceiling fan that has an alternate switch for the light. In some instances, red wires are used as “trigger wires” to interconnect electrical appliances such as smoke or security alarms. 



White wires are called “neutral” wires because they carry electrical current from the hot wire back to a grounded portion of the building’s electrical circuit. Without neutral wires, the circuit is incomplete. While the name is deceiving, these wires can still carry an electrical current and should be treated as live. 


If you are working with your electrical system, it is essential to understand this color system and be cautious with every wire you handle. Electrical accidents are some of the worst work-related accidents, and should be avoided at all costs by having a proper knowledge of electrical safety, and calling a professional for help when needed. 


To learn more about electrical safety or to contact a licensed electrician for electrical repair, call your local MaintenX team today.

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