Four Tips To Reduce Refrigeration Repair And Maintenance Expenses

Commercial refrigerators are the lifeblood of many businesses. Commercial kitchens, bars, and other businesses in foodservice depend on their refrigerators to keep their doors open. Unfortunately, despite their crucial role in operations, they are oftentimes neglected in terms of maintenance. If you work in a commercial kitchen, bar, or commercial facility with large refrigeration requirements, you likely run into these two problems: 

  • Your refrigerator is stressed by the foodservice environment. From hot grease to overuse, the refrigerator is one piece of equipment that takes a beating day-to-day.
  • Because the refrigerator must be in use 24/7, maintenance is often neglected. Issues tend to build up and become disastrous before they are addressed.

Maintenance is needed most for commercial refrigerators, and yet it is overlooked because of the high demands of foodservice. However, if your refrigerator is not regularly cleaned and maintained, maintenance emergencies can cause closures and ruin your reputation. However, you can prevent these disastrous refrigeration breakdowns with some simple maintenance guidelines: 

Check the refrigerant charge. 

If your refrigerant charge isn’t checked regularly, can lead to an untimely breakdown. You need to be aware of refrigerant leaks, which can only be measured and addressed by a professional. 

Maintain the drain lines. 

When the drain lines clog, they can cause serious problems for your refrigerator. However, they are very difficult to reach, so this job should be left to the professionals. Scheduling this service regularly will keep your refrigerator and its contents free of contaminants. 

Clean the condenser coils. 

Condenser coils are often covered by grime and can build up bacteria if they’re not cleaned. This can compromise the health of your facility and reduce the cooling power of your refrigerator. Don’t skip this cleaning service as part of your professional refrigeration service. 

Clean ice machines.

The ice machines are some of the easiest places for bacteria and mold to grow in a refrigerator. If they’re not cleaned, they can lead to the spread of deadly diseases. Ensure that your HVAC/R technician cleans out the ice machines with every professional service. 

These simple steps will keep your facility safer, cleaner, and more efficient. To learn more about refrigeration repair, installation, and maintenance services, contact your local MaintenX team!

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