Green Bathrooms

With everything going “green” these days, it’s no surprise that bathrooms are on the short list of places to update for energy efficiency. The fact of the matter is, we’ve just been doing it wrong for so long when it comes to these private quarters. In most metro areas, 20% of all energy and utility costs revolve around water – and what better place to save water than in the restroom? Here are 4 easy ways to make your bathroom green.

#1 – High Efficiency Faucets

Installing or retrofitting your faucets to include aerators will halve your water consumption almost immediately. Today’s aerators are designed reduce water use while keeping water pressure high; they don’t inconvenience hand-washers.

#2 – Low Flow Toilets

Nowadays, a lot of toilets are dual-flush, giving you the option of how much water to send down the pipe. If your building has toilets that aren’t dual- or low-flow, install converters to displace the tank water and fool the toilet into using less water.

#3 – Lighting

Most bathrooms are so brightly lit that they can be harsh. Use lighting fixtures sparingly, and install more mirrors. Let the mirrors do the work to expand the light’s permeation without adding wattage.

#4 – Automate Everything

Faucets, toilets, and lights can be automated (motion-activated, timed, etc.) to reduce the amount of energy and water used. Because faucets and lights can easily be left on, remove the possibility of superfluous use.

Your bathrooms are a very important part of your building and should be treated like any other space. These tips are just a few of the simple ways to help make your bathrooms green. For more information or for assistance starting your restroom project, call MaintenX for a consultation.