Helping Your Tenants with Common Maintenance Issues

Every year, new equipment and facility development processes are restructured for more efficient energy consumption. Even with those tools, though, it can still be challenging for facility management to keep up with their comprehensive energy picture. Even if you’re meticulous about replacing your facility’s old equipment on time, you still might be missing out on many energy saving opportunities.

Energy Audit

An energy audit service can solve many of these problems, and often pays for itself over time. Setting one up is easy!

The process of an energy audit can include:

  • Determining your facility’s average energy consumption over a set period as a benchmark
  • Observing individual energy streams and how each of those streams contributes to your facility’s energy usage and costs
  • Comparing your facility’s energy usage against that of similar facilities
  • Exploring opportunities for more efficient facility asset investments

How to Schedule an Energy Audit

No matter your facility size or your particular energy goals, scheduling an energy audit is a simple process. You can contact MaintenX directly. Once you’ve submitted your audit request, a MaintenX representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

A thorough energy audit guarantees cost savings, but we can help you determine which level is best based on your facility profile. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!