Should you Hire Temporary or Permanent Maintenance Staff?

Facility maintenance is an important part of any business or company. When maintenance problems arise, a company may wonder whether it is better to hire a temporary facility maintenance staff or a permanent one. The answer will ultimately depend on the needs and goals of your organization.

Hiring a temporary maintenance staff will be best for your business if you don’t need constant service. If you have equipment that doesn’t require a lot of attention or if you have incidents very sparingly, then it could be more cost effective to only pay for maintenance when it is needed. Hiring a temporary staff also allows you to “try before you buy,” meaning that you can see if the staff meets your standards before you commit to a long-term hire.

On the other hand, hiring a permanent maintenance staff can also benefit your business. If your organization has many ongoing maintenance projects or relies heavily on machinery that frequently requires service, then a permanent staff will be more cost effective. A permanent staff will also know the specific inner workings of that job and will develop a rapport with the company. It’s important to remember your environment is a strategic component of your company’s operation. Having tight control over the facility maintenance of your company, rather than relying on second or third parties to perform the work, can benefit the business. However, a permanent hire does require a bigger initial investment.

Assessing the specific needs of your organization will help you decide whether it is more beneficial to hire a temporary or permanent maintenance staff. MaintenX International has total facility maintenance experts who can cover your company’s maintenance needs from curb to roof and coast to coast. For more information about the services we provide and how we can support your organization, please call us at 855-751- 0075.